The low-temperature air drying process preserves every essential nutrient for a balanced diet and gives your pet more energy and health. The soft flake type is good for dogs of all life stages, it is easy to chew for senior dogs too. Proudly made in Taiwan. Veterinarian developed and supervised manufactured products.

🌞Air Dried with low-temperature baking to preserve every natural nutrient.

🐕 Grain-Free, does not contain rice, wheat and other cereals. It is not easy to cause allergies and good for better digestion.

🍂Cold-pressed flaxseed oil rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acid, which is critical for dogs' general health. It can help maintain cardiovascular function, improve hair health and support skin and coat conditition.

❌NO artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or salt.

Available in 6 flavours: 
🦃U.S.A Turkey Breast
🐓U.S.A Chicken
🦆Taiwanese Duck
🐂New Zealand Grass-fed Beef
🐑Australian Lamb
🐃New Zealand Venison

100% Single Source of Meat:
Made with a single source of real meat. Not including animal offals and bones.

Natural Herbs & Vegetables:
This product provides a great source of nutrition and energy. Premium-select herbs and vegetables which contain natural anti-oxidants can help cardio-vascular function, improve hair health and support skin and coat condition.

Asiatic Wormwood
Pumpkin Seed

Herz Australian Lamb Grain-free products are AIR DRIED Treats 100g X 3 pac