Made with hormone and anti-biotic free boneless Chicken Breast. Perfect for Dogs who prefer their food with a milder aroma.

Green-lipped Mussels are only found in the waters surrounding New Zealand and they are rich in Omega-3s fatty acids and minerals. Their greatest healing properties are attributed to an excellent source of glucosamine and chondroitin which promotes natural anti-inflammatory properties and joint health.


Each quantity contains 14 packs of 200g.

Unit Price: $15/kg

Total weight: 2.8kg

Ingredients and texture cannot be customised


80% Meat, 20% Fresh Produce

(Ingredients and texture cannot be customised


Chicken Breast

Chicken Liver

Chicken Heart

Chicken Gizzard

Whole Eggs



French Beans

Carrots / Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seeds

Sweet Potato

Goji Berries

Ground Eggshell

Organic Kelp

Organic Alfalfa Leaf

Bonemeal (For Puppies)


Seafood (If Selected)

Red Kidney Beans (If Selected)

Black Beans (If Selected)

Garbanzo Beans (If Selected)


(May Contain Chunks)

GoodWoof Chicken and Green-Lipped Mussels200g