A natural homeopathic remedy made here in the UK. 

Ear Powder for use on dogs, cats and rabbits, for problems with ear mites, pad mites and canker problems. Instant relief for those itchy ears.

A 20g tub is enough for 1-2 dogs for 12 months. Larger tubs are supplied for kennels and breeders. 

It is a natural remedy originally invented by Mr W Watchman a dedicated veterinary practitioner, back in 1907. 

EarClear is the original formula. 
The active ingredient is Iodoform, this was used in early dentistry, but was superceeded by the use of antibiotics.
It does not contain any antibiotics, so is safe to use on your animal with confidence.
Outstanding results are achieved after using this product and many, many customers worldwide have been amazed by it too. A small bottle will last quite a while. This product seems to be the one and only answer to many dogs/cats ear problems. Results are seen between 1 and 5 days depending on the severity of the condition.


Store in a cool dark cupboard with the lid sealed, and use within 12 months of opening.

EarClear Canker & Ear Mites Powder for Dogs & Cats 20g