Sourced from 100% Australian suppliers, Big Dog Lamb RAW is a great alternative to other red meats like beef. Lamb is often referred to as a “cooling” meat due to its anti-inflammatory capacities. Our lambs are also raised and fed on pastures, which means that they’re not exposed to grain foods or chemical toxins like antibiotics. Lamb is commonly known to have more fat in the meat which gives it higher levels of Omega 3 than some of our other flavours. Perfect for dogs who: Are young, fit and healthy Are under 12 months (puppies) Are after a less inflammatory red meat option Are trying to gain weight Ingredients: Lamb, finely ground lamb bone & cartilage, chicken, finely ground chicken bone & cartilage, beef & lamb heart, beef & lamb liver, beef & lamb kidney, whole fish (salmon & sardines), seasonal fruits, vege and herbs (kale, spinach, broccoli, bok choy, silver beet, carrots, celery, beetroot, lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, apple, orange, pear, tomato, strawberr

Big Dog Barf Lamb 3kg